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Excellent yields, unmatched performance, and truly remarkable quality. These are the characteristics of alfalfa seeds obtained from the best growers worldwide. Our high-performance alfalfa seeds undergo a thorough quality check to guarantee robust plant growth and maximum crop output, resulting in a consistent supply of premium feed for your livestock, agricultural requirements and export markets. Growing alfalfa for feed has a lot of advantages. Our high-quality alfalfa seeds will produce plentiful harvests whether you’re hoping to increase agricultural productivity nationally or simply improve the feed for your cattle. Alfalfa can germinate at temperatures greater than 37˚F but optimum germination temperature is between 65 and 77˚F.

Why Choose Our Alfalfa Seeds:

Uncompromised Quality

Our alfalfa seeds are obtained from reputable foreign farmers and are thoroughly inspected for quality. This guarantees a higher germination rate and strong plant growth, which promotes abundant crops and substantial earnings.

Maximum Yield Potential

As the potential of our high-performance Alfalfa seeds is unlocked, see a striking increase in crop productivity. This equates to a reliable supply of premium forage to meet your livestock’s demands and the needs of your agribusiness, both locally and abroad.

Nutrient-Rich Forage

Alfalfa’s exceptional protein and mineral content can be used to improve the nutritional value of the feed you provide for cattle. Your animals’ well-being and output will increase, which will boost production and profitability in export markets.

Drought Tolerance

Truly exceptional quality, unbeatable performance and superior yields. These are the hallmarks of alfalfa seeds sourced from the finest growers in the world. Our high-performance alfalfa seeds are rigorously screened for quality, ensuring robust plant growth coupled with maximum crop productivity – resulting in a steady supply of top-quality forage for your livestock, agribusiness needs and export markets.


What sets your alfalfa seeds apart from others on the market?

Our alfalfa seeds stand out due to their uncompromised quality and global reputation. We meticulously source seeds from esteemed international growers, subjecting them to rigorous quality screenings. This ensures a superior germination rate and robust plant growth, leading to bountiful yields. Furthermore, our dedication to sustainability, research, and customer support distinguishes us as a trusted partner in the agribusiness industry.

How can I ensure successful crop cultivation using your alfalfa seeds?

We're committed to your success. Our team of seasoned agronomists provides tailored guidance from seed selection to post-harvest management. To ensure successful crop cultivation, follow recommended planting practices, maintain optimal soil conditions, and monitor your crops regularly. Our technical support and training programs are also available to assist you in optimizing crop management for consistent yields.

Can I rely on your import and export expertise for international shipments?

Absolutely. We specialize in facilitating seamless import and export processes for our clients. Our experienced import and export specialists handle transportation, customs clearance, and documentation, ensuring that your alfalfa seeds reach their destination with efficiency and compliance. We're well-versed in international agricultural regulations and have a network that spans the globe, making your international trade experience hassle-free and successful.

Choose excellence, choose innovation, and choose Shiva Exim. Let's sow the seeds of a brighter tomorrow.