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Genetic Excellence

Begin with careful selection and breeding to establish strong genetic foundations, focusing on desirable traits like yield and resistance.

Optimal Cultivation

Provide ideal growing conditions, including soil, water, and climate, to nurture healthy plants with strong roots and resilience.

Rigorous Testing

Thoroughly test seeds for germination, disease resistance, and genetic purity to ensure only the highest quality seeds reach the market.
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    Through our substantial research and development programme, we put a strong emphasis on goods that are innovative and market-driven. We are committed to maximising the potential of your cultivar and reducing crop risk.

    Mustard & Castor Oil Seeds

    These seeds present a variety of potential from culinary invention to wellness items.

    Alfalfa & Onion Seeds

    These seeds open doors to extending your product line and enticing new markets.

    Our Vision

    At Shiva Exim, Our vision is to become a beacon of excellence and innovation in the world of aromatic oil seeds. We envision a future where the rich flavors, versatile applications, and cultural significance of these seeds are celebrated and harnessed to their fullest potential. We strive to be a driving force behind sustainable practices, agri-entrepreneurship, and quality assurance, contributing to the well-being of communities and industries worldwide. We imagine an agricultural landscape redefined by innovation, sustainability, and prosperity. Our vision entails a shift from conventional practices to a new era where every farmer, every field, and every community benefits from advanced solutions that maximize yield while minimizing environmental impact.

    Our Mission

    our mission is to revolutionize the agribusiness landscape by delivering excellence at every step. We commit to providing farmers and agribusinesses with superior seeds, feeds, spices, and oil seeds that enhance productivity and profitability. Our mission extends to promoting sustainable agriculture, fostering partnerships, and elevating the well-being of all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain. Through innovation, expertise, and a profound respect for the Earth’s resources, we strive to create a positive impact on global agriculture, ensuring that the future is bountiful, sustainable, and prosperous for generations to come.

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